Monday, September 28

Good Eating Monday: Black Forest Cobbler!

There's a large band of much-needed rain moving eastward across the southeast today--including here! It's been raining steadily off and on since around 10 last night.
 My rain garden is pooled with water for the first time in months!

And other good news--a Panera Bread is finally being built on our side of town! Less then 3 miles away! We're very excited about that!

Today's Good Eating recipe is actually an experimental extension of last weeks Frozen Fruit Cobbler that I call, "Black Forest Cobbler!"
It was suggested that cake mix over either cherries or strawberries might be a good combo, so I bought frozen cherries & tried it out this past Sunday. 
And it was good, though I think with frozen cherries more then two bags is needed. The cherry/chocolate cake mix combo was tasty, but not very sweet. (That might be a plus if you like less sweet desserts!) I'm thinking I might like to try a box of brownie instead of cake mix next time to see how it looked.

Once baked, it looks something like this photo, though no bright red cherries. Frozen cherries are dark red and, once combined with the chocolate cake, disappear into it's fudginess so you can hardly tell the two apart.
(I should taken my own photo, but didn't think of it.)

Black Forest Cobbler:
3 to 4 bags of frozen cherries, at least partially thawed before use.
1 box of chocolate cake mix.
1 can of 7-Up/Sprite/Mist or any other brand like that. (1 can soda = approx 1 1/2 cups liquid if you have a larger bottle on hand.)

Set oven on 375 to pre-heat & spray a 9 x 13 baking pan with oil spray. Pour your thawed or partially thawed cherries into pan and spread out evenly. (Do not use hard frozen fruit or baking time will be extensive.)

Next, top with dry cake mix, layering it evenly over the top of the cherries.

Finally, drizzle 1 can of soda or equivalent evenly over top of cake mix. (It will fizzle.)

Now place pan directly in oven and bake for about 45 minutes minutes or until crust bounces a little in the middle when you tap it with your fingers. It may take a few extra minutes longer. You have to sort of play it by ear.
Serve with whipped topping.
One of the guys who comes to our Sunday Bible study suggested, who suggested the chocolate, after trying this weeks version suggested maybe a mix of strawberries & cherries instead of just cherries. And I'm thinking of using a brownie mix, which might be a bit sweeter v.s. cake mix. But he's out of town this Sunday, so I probably won't try it until the one after.
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!

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