Friday, October 23

Friday Finds: Bamahenge And Other Interesting Places

Our visited our friends, Bernie & Jacqui, in Pensacola this past Friday and they drove us across the Alabama border for a unique garden lunch and some strange sight-seeing.

Our first stop was lunch at the Copper Kettle Tea Bar in Foley, Alabama, located opposite the Old Train Station Museum.
In fact, the building the restaurant resides in once one of many similar buildings that housed rail-road staff back in the days when trains were primarily transportation.
This photo is a view of the rear of the restaurant and the back yard garden, which is full of mix & match table and chair seating beneath a huge Live Oak Tree!

The Copper Kettle Tea Bar specializes in lots of teas, but also has several French-pressed coffee's plus home-made soups, sandwiches & desserts!  Their lunch menu usually consists of 2 choices of soup & one sandwich choice plus a selection of desserts.
 I had a curry apple soup and Greek-style turkey hummus sandwich. Both were delicious. Plus Hubby & I shared a pumpkin scone for dessert and it was a moist cake-like scone, not a dry biscuit.

After lunch, Bernie & Jacqui took us out for a drive out into the surrounding country side to see a couple of unusual sights they'd discovered.
We drove down a dead-end road after turning at a sign that said, "Barber's Marina" and saw this sight among the pine trees:

Looks like Stonehenge, yes? Well, it is in fact a fiberglass replica of Stonehenge that's even correctly aligned with the summer solstice. You can park and walk over to it. We just drove by, though.
This is known as "Bamahenge." 
For more details you can read about it here at Roadside America.

Then we drove a little further and on the same side of the road as Bamahenge, we saw this:

Yup, a T-Rex, standing at the edge of the pine woods!
 There's also a Triceratops & a Stegosaurus further down the road and on the opposite side of the road, there's a Brontosaurus.
Again, you just have to park and can walk over to them and take pictures. There's visible walking paths.
They're there just for fun apparently.
To read more about "Dinosaurs in the Woods," go here, at Roadside America.
So that was our adventure in the area of Foley, Alabama last Friday.
An amazing lunch plus a mysterious stonehenge & dinosaurs in the woods!

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