Friday, October 30

Friday Finds: New ZIPZ Shoes in Zazzle!

Finally Zazzle has brought back shoes that can be printed on!
Back when I was first considering a Zazzle store, they carried canvas slip-on shoes. Then just before I opened my store, they stopped carrying them.
Usually this means something happened with the supplier, such as going out of business or lowering quality. Zazzle is actually quite choosy about the quality of the products they carry.
That's probably why they chose ZIPZ shoes. It's a small American family company headquartered in Irvine, CA, started by Mr. John Stefani in 2010 on the premise of creating a shoe with an easily changeable top. This idea came from a conversation he had with a mother at a barbecue who said, "her children changed clothes often and wanted shoes to match their outfits."
 Thus ZIPZ shoes was born and now Zazzle carries them!

They are adult unisex shoes available in a wide range of sizes for men & women and come in three styles: high top, low-top & slip-on.
I've collected some examples to show you:

Free Spirit Drip Painted Butterfly Abstract High Tops:
These are my own design, mostly to try out the format to see how it worked. Because I applied my butterfly designs one at a time all over the shoe, arranging them in different directions, it was a more complex process. I like the results, but I would rate their shoe design platform for the high tops as "challenging." It takes a lot of playing around with to figure out.
Free Spirit Drip Painted Butterfly Abstract Art Printed Shoes

However, the main feature of these shoes is that you can "zip the upper off" and trade it with another from any ZIPZ style shoe!
You should know that printing a color or design on the shoe tongues on either the high or low tops does cost $12 extra. The starting price for all high tops is $79.90.

Pink/Green Floral Crochet Low Tops:
Just to show you a pair of low tops, I found this super cute graphic crochet design! 
Rosy Bright Hot Pink/Floral Greens Crochet Print Shoes

And here's a Candy Sweet Slip On!
You can see that just upper is printed, but there's a space on the heel on this pair that you can personalize with a name. Some designers put a rectangle of design in that spot.
I haven't tired one of these, but I suspect it might be the easiest to put a personal photo on of all these shoe designs.
Colorful Candies Printed Shoe

The starting price for both low-tops & slip-on's is $74.90.

To see lot's more shoe designs, visit here.
It would be neat if Zazzle also carried just uppers, so people could buy a wide number of shoe top designs to zip onto a single shoe base.
Unfortunately, they don't yet, but perhaps they're waiting to see how well the shoes sell.
Zazzle has special flash sales announced only in emails all the time, so you might consider signing up! Just visit Zazzle's shopping page. The email sign up is at the bottom.
That's it for today! Thanks for visiting! See you Monday!

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