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Friday Finds: Why Everyone Should Have A Business Card

Frankly, I just created and printed my first  professional business card. I mean actual card stock printed beautifully by Zazzle. I did try the print-it-yourself kind and that was okay, but the stock is low quality and results weren't that sharp--but since I hadn't decided on what kind of design was "me" for a business card, it served. 
Then suddenly I hit upon the "me" business card design I was looking for when I had to re-design a store banner for my Zazzle store when they introduced their new web page look.
So, after doing a bit of research I decided today's "find" would be:
Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Good Business Card!

#1)  Business cards aren't just about selling a business or a service; they're about selling YOU. 
Black Tan Physical Therapis
Business cards tell others who you are. Whether you're a big company exec or a stay-at-home-mom-blogger, a business card is a great way to introduce yourself! Also helps make you memorable!

 #2)  Physically giving someone a business card automatically creates face to face interaction. 
It's personal. It lets them connect you to the card in their hand. 

Simple Babysitter/Nanny Template
#3)  Having a sharp looking business card can add a "wow" factor to introducing yourself!
It makes an impression. It says, "you're a professional." If you're a blogger, it will make people more interested. If you're an artist, they may come to your gallery. 

#4)  Business cards are relatively cheap, very portable and easy to give away, so there's really no reason not to have one. 
But don't just throw them at every person you meet! Rather, save them for a moment of conversation when you've gained their interest to offer a business card. And if they offer you theirs, take it. It's good PR.

#5)  A business card is better then some scrap of paper or a paper napkin for writing notes on! 
 You meet someone on a plane or at a conference and they want to write some details down about your conversation--so, you hand them your business card to jot on! Plus now they have your contact info!
Also you can use the business card back to note any important details you might have discussed before handing them the card.

#6)  Business cards can be a great for other kinds of communication:
Green/Silver Stripe Professional 
a) I read about a lady who printed business cards with just her first name and contact number to use for dating. Interesting idea.  

b)  Business cards, if they include an address, are an quick, easy way to let friends & family know you've moved: just tuck them in your Christmas cards!

c) A business card is a must-have tool for job hunting to hand to potential employers at job fairs & interviews. It should include your name, contact number & job skill title!

Real Estate Template Card
#7)  Why is a business card better then a smart phone?
a) Well, not everyone has a smart phone. 

b) It's not always appropriate in every situation or location to have a phone with you--I know people in the military who aren't even allowed to bring their cell phones into the buildings where they work for security reasons. Then there's funerals, hospitals & so on.

c) Business cards don't suffer dead zones or power outages or technical difficulties or lose their information. My Hubby's phone's mother board died one time while we were on vacation & lost everything in it. Every number. There was nothing to transfer to a new phone.

d) Plus, as mentioned before, they're great for jotting down important points of conversation on front or back.

What do experts recommend for choosing a business card?
I read-up on professional recommendations on business cards and this is what they suggest:
1)  Do get a business card printed on good quality card stock. (Which any number of online companies will do for you quite economically.)

2)  Do stick with standard 3.5 x 2 inch size business cards. 

3)  Do use a one-sided card, putting all your text on just the front

5)  Do leave the back of your card plain white--except in cases where you need appointment date/time space printed on the back. 

6)  Do not get a high-gloss finish on business cards. This will resist ink and make writing on the card difficult.

7) Do not cram too much information onto your business card. It shouldn't be cluttered with text. A business card is like a miniature billboard that ought to convey everything the other person needs to know about you in a single glance: who you are, what you do and how to reach you.
 I did read that a crisp white background behind your color text & art was recommended for the most professional look and for added space to write on---which might be important if you're in a sales business. 
However, the bottom line in a business card choice is what you need to use it for and what you want it to say about you
So you should pick what works for you.
That's it for today!
(The sample business cards here are Zazzle cards I found that seemed moderately good examples of art & text pretty well incorporated together.)

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