Wednesday, October 7

Garden Pic Wednesday: New Bottle Brush Tree

It's been cool--cool enough to make all my melon vines give up the ghost leaving behind 5 small melons. 
Yesterday I planted saved Cilantro seed I found I had in a conttainer and another row of Romaine lettuce in the bed. 
(I'm spacing each row out a week.)
I've also been working on general end-of-season clean-up mow that's more about cleaning up all the leaves & pine needles then cutting the grass over the past couple days & will continue next week!
Today's Garden Pic is my new baby Bottle Brush Tree:
Sadly the older parent tree got sick and died--but not quite completely--two new shoots sprouted from the base. (these are called suckers.)
I snipped the smaller one off and put it in a small pot to root and left this larger one here to grow-up and replace the parent. It's tied to the stump, so it will stand upright. (It was flopped over on the ground.)

My long term plan is to try to train it into an umbrella shape when it's older.
Bottle Brush trees are a native flowering tree common around here that gets around 10 to 15 feet tall. It has red flowers that surround the end of it's stems like a bristly "bottle brush." Thus the name. Hummingbirds love them!
The lady at the Garden shop where I bought the first one recommended it over a Crepe Myrtle as being easier to care for.

I've decided to put second sucker out front once it's rooted well enough--probably near the end of October.
(The beauty of the deep south--you can plant practically year round!)
It too will get trained into an umbrella shape in due time. I've seen them pruned in this fashion.
With these two both being so small, I'll be able to cover them from any deep freezes this winter!
That was the problem with the parent tree--the past two winters were particularly hard and it just never recovered.
That's it for today! Stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow!

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