Wednesday, October 14

Garden Pic Wednesday: Pink Autumn Gerber!

Besides beads, it seems I brought back a head-cold from out Pirate of the High Seas Fest that has me a little under the weather today. But after a nap, I'm feeling a little better.

Today's Garden Pic is a late-blooming September Gerber!
This one is still out in the front bed, though it looks past it's prime now. My gerber daisies tend to languish through the hot, dry summer, then, as soon as the weather cools, they get a second wind, green-up with fresh growth and bloom again.
It's not uncommon to find them blooming sporadically through fall into winter until a hard frost.

They really need dividing, but I have to wait until spring.
In the south, Gerbera Daisy's are a perennial that returns from root and are actually members of the sunflower family. In the north, zone 7 and above, they can only be grown as annuals.
 There blooms hold up a long time in the flower bed or they can be snipped for a vase. Though, they do need regular watering between rains & adequate fertilizer to do really well.
That's it for today! Stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow!

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