Thursday, October 1

Mama Kat Thursday: Locked Out

The Mama Kat topic this week is about sharing experience with being, "Locked Out."

I can think of two particular instances of being "locked out."
First was years and years ago. We had gone on a trip and left our house key with a friend who'd been watching the house & our cats. They didn't happen to be at the house when we arrived home and for some reason we didn't have an extra house key on us. Luckily, only the doorknob was locked and I carded it. That taught us two lessons that day: always keep a spare house key in every vehicle and always, always use the dead-bolt to secure the door. 

The second case of "lock out" occurred just this past week. I was  "locked out" of my computer by the new Windows 10 upgrade.
This is happening to tons of people. I've read the complaints. But there is actually a reason for why it's happening. You see Windows 10 is especially designed to link all your devices together: your smart phone, your iPad and so on. To do this, it requires you be signed into a Microsoft account. If you've checked the secure local sign-in protocol option for your computer so it prompts you to sign-in when you turn it on, Windows 10 detects this and automatically switches your local sign in to a Microsoft account sign-in.
 In my case, I had registered an account with Microsoft--I don't know, years ago--with my alternate email I use for such stuff and a password I'd entirely forgotten. Suddenly, I go to sign in to my computer and--ta-da, I was locked out.
This, of course, means an ordeal to reset the password, which requires going to the Microsoft "reset my account password address" on another computer to request it, then they have to send you a special code to prove you are you, then you can reset your password. It's a ghastly bit of trouble.
Ultimately, I got rid of the sign-in protocol entirely. (This requires unchecking a small box you'll have to access via "Commands.")
I have no real reason to have it, except it was an initial set-up option I randomly chose to do at the time quite a few years ago.
Now, my Hubby, since he never opted for the secure local sign-in on his computer, never had a problem. Windows 10 didn't make any changes and he was never locked out. 
So, if you're planning on accepting the free Windows 10 upgrade--either uncheck your secure local sign-in protocol--or if you want to keep a secure sign-in, make sure you either remember your Microsoft account sign-in password or set one up before hand.
Or you, too, could be locked out.
So, what was the last time you were "locked out" of something?

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Victor S E Moubarak said...


I did not know about the Windows 10 problem. I'm no good with computers; I'll get some help on this. I was not locked out but "locked in". Long story: here's the link:

God bless.

Musiqal1 said...

I hate being locked out of my computer or the apps that I use. So many passwords to have to remember and then you have to go through that. I was locked out of my car on Tuesday and ended up having to wait an hour in the rain for AAA. SMH!

Mama Kat said...

Oh my gosh, getting locked out of Windows sounds like a nightmare! I've been prompted to upgrade and to create a windows account (not sure if I have one). How much you want to bet I'm going to upgrade and lock myself out one of these days too? Glad you were able to get it all figured it out!

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