Tuesday, October 13

Polyvore Tuesday: Emma Frost Hero Costume!

Welcome to Polyvore Tuesday!
Because it's October Polyvore has been running a series of "60 Second Style" costume contest on a variety of themes. 
This set was one of two I did for "Superhero costumes."
I chose Emma Frost from the X-men to be different, since everyone else was doing Black Widow, Once Upon A Time, the Wicked Witch, Batgirl and so on--the majority of more well known female hero costumes. Also, I thought Emma Frost's costume with be relatively easy to pull together with Polyvore clip-art--and it was.
So, here's my Emma Frost superhero costume entry:

Emma Frost Costume

Emma Frost Costume by madamdreamweaver 
I did one for Hawkwoman, too--which I'll feature next Tuesday!

And speaking of costumes...
We dressed up in our best pirate gear and drove down to Panana City Beach for the annual "Pirates of the Sea Fest" at Pier Park that's held every Columbus Day weekend!
Last year there was more people & less costume, but this year, a slightly smaller crowd, but more costumes!
Our favorite pirate band, "Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers" out of Nashville were there to play, but this year he had the early time slot before an event plus they got him started up late and his play time really got shorted. We were disappointed.
Later in the day there's a Pirate parade featuring pirate ship floats full of pirates throwing beads & candy to the crowd lining the streets!
See all those beads? Everyone comes home with a neck-load of pirate booty!  (me, too!)

Of course, there are always lots of Captain Jack's!  We talked to this guy in the photo. He's there every year.
We had tons of photos taken of us, too---people wanting us two "pirates" to pose with their kids and so on!
 Our photo was even taken by the local

Panama City News Herald, which you can see here!
(Full link to see all his photos)
Then, at 8:30---fireworks! ****
Arrgh, it's the pirate life for me!

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