Tuesday, October 20

Polyvore Tuesday: Hawk Woman Costume Set!

I needed an extra day off Monday, so didn't do a Good Eating post, though I am trying out a new recipe today that I will feature this coming Monday!
We visited with our friends Jacqui & Bernie in Pensacola last Friday and she had made Sopapilla Cheesecake Pie that she shared with us to go with our coffee. Made in a 9 x 13 pan, each piece is the size of a brownie. It's basically cheesecake baked between crescent biscuit dough layers. I had to have the recipe and it just finished baking. The house smells so yummy! And it's super easy.
Pillsbury makes crescent dough now without the holes specifically for baking.  Handy.

Today's Polyvore Tuesday set is my second hero costume set: Hawk Woman.
It's not that I know so much about Hawk Woman; it's that I wanted to do something different, since everyone else had Batgirl, the Wicked Witch from Oz, Catwoman, Black Widow and so on that are all primarily black costumes.
Hawk Woman has red hair & wears green, red & bright golden yellow colors, so I went with a feel for her colors rather then trying to duplicate her costume per se. The wings would be a problem--it would take cosplay research to figure out how to make a light set to hang on the shoulders. Probably need a different top, too. But for a fantasy contest set, this works.
Hawkwoman Costume

Hawkwoman Costume by madamdreamweaver 

That's it for today! Stop back for Garden Pic Wednesday!

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