Tuesday, October 27

Polyvore Tuesday: Villain Loki Costume Set

I've had a busy day today--had to swing by Ace Hardware after Yoga for a new faucet spout filter cap (that little filter thingy on the spout of your kitchen faucet.) The old one was plastic and just cracked and fell off. I didn't realize it wasn't metal. Something to check next time I buy a kitchen faucet. The new one is metal. Also swung by Walmart to pick up some Halloween cards that I rushed home and got in the mail.

Today's Polyvore set is a Villian costume challenge for Halloween.
 I chose Loki. He's by far my favorite villain! The costume is more themed on the general color & feel of Loki's outfit with this black leather dress and snazzy iridescent green crop jacket! Plus lots of gold jewelry. I thought the booties with the gold and green zig-zag stripes were a cute touch.

Hot & Dangerous

Hot & Dangerous by madamdreamweaver 

That's it for today! Stop back for Garden Pics tomorrow!

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