Friday, November 27

Friday Finds: Gorgeous Winter Season Stamps

You're busy or you're at work and you'd like something special for your seasonal cards & mail?
To help you out, here's a selection of seasonal winter & holiday postage I've collected from the vast reaches of Zazzle and arranged in one spot!

How about some pretty & fun winter-themed stamps?

Winter Snowman Naive Art 
Black/White Snowflake

Maybe some sweet or amusing stamps?

Tropical Holiday

Or Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday Stamps?

Sparkle Tree Elegant Christmas
Vintage Merry Christmas
Or Perhaps A Stamp That Celebrates The Real Meaning of Christmas?

Nativity Blue Modern
Following The Star

Christmas Star of Bethlehem 

These are just a few ideas! To see more, visit here!
(This link takes you past all the Mickey Mouse & Frozen stamps to original & creative small stamp designs! Small stamps are the same size as Forever stamps.)
To see other size options, look on bar to left for "medium" & "large" postage.
See you Monday for Good Eating!
(The Winter Snowman Naive Art stamp is my design, by the way.)

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Fliss said...

Great finds for festive postage stamps

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