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Good Eating Monday: My Favorite Disney World Eats

Since 2009, we've had occasion to visit Disney World a couple times and today I'm going to share my favorite eating spots where we got a tasty healthy meals for a reasonable price. 
Cosmic Ray 
Being we're two adults enjoying Disney by ourselves and not toting any kids, so my suggestions are probably best suited to adults or older kids who aren't just interested burgers or macaroni & cheese.
Plus, I we only ate inside a Park once a day for an evening meal as a rule, preferring quick-service most days and squeezing in maybe one more expensive "treat" meal once a trip.
My suggestions come from experiences over a variety of different occasions spread over several years.

For convenience, I'll list my favorite quick service dining spots by Park:
Quick service cafe's are places you can just walk in anytime and order food; no reservations needed.

Magic Kingdom:
Comic Ray's Starlight Cafe
#1) Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland! Our fav place! They serve up a yummy half rotisserie chicken with mashed potatoes & whole green beans for $10.99!
It was this price in 2009 and is the same price in 2015.
They also offer a variety of chicken, Angus, barbecue & veggie sandwiches and their Toppings Bar includes a sauteed onions & braised sliced mushrooms that I love piling onto my mashed potatoes! Plus it's big and roomy with lots of seating!


Sunshine Seasons in
#1)  Sunshine Seasons on the Future World side, in The Land building next to Soarin'. We ate at their Asian Shop & had delicious stir-fry meals, but they also offer Salad & Soups, Sandwiches & Bakery & a Wood-Fired Grill Shop for chicken, fish & chops. I tried their yummy pumpkin soup and Hubby had a Carrot Cake Cupcake as a treat, which is very moist. Prices were under $14.99. 
Also large & roomy with lots of seating.

#2)  Tangierine Cafe is a Mediterranean/Moroccan cafe in the World Showcase that serves Shawarma platters & Mediterranean
Tangierine Cafe
wraps. (Think Gyro meat & wraps.) If you like Greek or Turkish food, you'll love this! $14.99 and under. They have a little seating inside & some outside.
I happen to love Greek/Middle-Eastern Food and found it a great treat when we were there in 2009, because I want an adventure in eating if I'm taking the trouble to go to Disney World! I don't want to eat burgers!

Hollywood Studios:
#1) Fairfax Fare serves up a really tasty 1/2 barbecue rotisserie chicken served with a half corn-on-the-cob and small, but delicious home-made baked beans for about $10.49. 

They also serve several gourmet hotdog options, roast turkey legs & barbecue 1/2 slab spare rib plates or chicken & spare rib combo plates.
They have outdoor seating in back.(When we've visited in March a couple times in the past, some of the bigger eating cafes at Hollywood Studios, like the ABC Commissary & Studio Catering Company, weren't open. And I don't like eating Turkey legs, so I found good cafe eating options meager there in winter/early spring.)

Animal Kingdom
Sorry. No quick service I like here. They seem to lack much in good quick service cafes.
 We did enjoy a Starbucks coffee there with our peanut butter & jelly sandwiches we packed. 
Packing a lunch and perhaps buying a just drink is always an option for any Disney Park!

Now a couple excellent seated dining spots that may require reservations:
Crossroads House of Blues
This is great Southern American barbecue! During off-season for
lunch, you can just walk in. Maybe during summers, a reservation might be wise. Though, it says on the website they'll charge $10 for no-shows on a reservation, the server explained to us they don't usually enforce that except over major holidays, when people are making multiple reservations all over Disney, then not showing up, because that effects the Blues staffing & so on.
Daily prices at the Blues range from about $10.99 to $29.99, with lunch less being slightly less expensive then dinner.
While we were at our Conference this past month in the Orlando area, we had a chance to go there again and I had the pulled-pork barbecue sandwich served with sweet potato fries & coleslaw. That was $13.99. Not unreasonable.
Our friends, Bernie & Jacqui, who came to the same Conference, and joined us, had the same. I think Hubby had a chicken sandwich. Of course, it's when you start ordering the rib-racks or steak, that prices really go up!

House of Blues Gospel Brunch:
This is special singing & dancing Gospel musical celebration the House of Blues puts on twice a day most Sundays. This event DOES need a reservation and costs somewhere $38-$40 a person.
We went to this as our special treat event one year. It was entertaining and the food was good, but for something with the word, "gospel," in it's name, I'd have describe it as a fairly ambiguous.

This Lodge is a Disney resort near the Animal Kingdom Park. You just hop on a bus to get there. In fact, you can bus-hop to ANY Disney World resort to eat if you like.
The Boma Tastes of Africa buffet still resides in my memory as one of the best places we ever ate! It's a HUGE dinner buffet of all sorts of delicious African foods & desserts. Dining here was our special treat event on a visit to Disney back in 2009, since it runs around $38 a person for the dinner buffet, though that is not different from what you'd pay to take the kiddies to a character dining event.
Making a reservation would be wise, because Boma's buffet is busy & popular.
If you've never tried African fare, I'd describe it as ranging between savory to slightly sweet. Nothing was spicy. And the desserts were fabulous!
Good News for Starbucks lovers visiting Disney World:
Every Park now has at least one Starbucks. Disney Springs/Downtown has two!
And more good news: They just charge regular Starbucks prices!

One of the Starbucks at Disney Springs is large and roomy and the only Starbucks with inside seating!
So there you have it! My best suggestions for eating at Disney World.

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