Friday, December 11

Friday Finds: Cool Last Minute Gifts!

Perhaps you're still looking a gift that's not just run-of-the-mill?
Here's some fun, cool or unique ideas!

Know someone who loves Scrabble? How about a Scrabble mug? 

Keep Calm And Play On Mug
For more classic Hasbro Game gift ideas, visit the Hasbro Brand Store!

What about something for the cat lover in your life?
I love this Retro Funny Cats mug design by Kazashi Ya!

For lots of unique stylized Japanese art designs (not just cats) on shirts, phone cases, aprons & more, visit Kazashi's store!

Know a guy who loves or plays guitar?
I just love this colorful Tie-Dye Guitar tie by UROCKDezineZone!
 You can customize the back of any tie to any background color! Just click "Customize!"

Or if you have another tie theme you're looking for, check out Zazzle's Tie ShopJust type the specific theme you're looking for into the search box!
Of course, watches always make wonderful gifts!
Especially if that watch reflects a favorite hobby or interest!
Like this amusing Golf watch by Impact Zone, for example:

Golf Ball Time Piece Wrist Watch
For more hobby related watch ideas, visit Zazzle's, Hobby Watches!
There there's always something on sale at Zazzle!
And that's really handy for last minute shopping when you can't get away from work, so do stop in and shop awhile!
Thanks for stopping by! See you for Good Eating Monday!

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