Thursday, December 24

Mama Kat Thursday: Our Shiny Christmas Tree

To me "shiny" and "Christmas Tree" just go together as naturally as peanut butter and jelly. What Christmas tree isn't a shiny, glittering thing wonder?

So here's our shiny beauty this year:

Christmas 2015
It's a live Frazier Fir purchased from the local Boy Scout troop tree sale. Of course, if I had my druthers, I'd prefer going to a tree farm and picking one. That's what my family did all the years I was going up and what my young sister, in fact, did do this year. But that's in Indiana. I live in Florida now and the kind of fir trees that make for good Christmas trees just don't grow here.  

Hidden on my tree are many treasures & surprises, such as this pin ornament Santa peeking out:

Or this fun Peanut M&M guy:

Or this elegant "chocolate dipped strawberry: glass ornament:

Or one of these little mouse characters from the movie "The Rescuers":

These soft little stuffed mouse characters were sold my McDonald's in the late 80's when the movie was big and my Father selected the set of them to send us as a gift. There was later a 2nd film & a second set of characters. I have both.
Plus you see I have lots of pin ornaments.
Lots of shine on my tree. Lots of memories.
So, what good memories does your Christmas tree inspire?

The prompts I did today included both "show us your Christmas tree," and "write a post inspired by the word 'shiny'."
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See you for Good Eating Monday & have a Merry Christmas!


Morgan Cartwright said...

Your Christmas Tree is awesome. I got my tree from a local Boy Scout Troop also. The local Christmas Tree Farm was asking outrageous prices for not so awesome trees.

May said...

I sooo prefer a tree covered in memory ornaments collected over years to the uniform theme trees that look like magazine shoots. Your's is shiny as can be!

Diana Davis said...

I still cherish the crochet snowflakes you sent. Hugs to you and hubby.

Mama Kat said...

Fun! I love that chocolate covered strawberry!

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