Tuesday, December 8

Polyvore Tuesday: Sorel Winter Collection Contest Set

Sorel is sponsoring yet another Polvyore Contest! This time it's their winter collection of boots.
I particularly like how this set came out. I only did the one.
I like the olive-green tone I added to the top photo & side bar & logo that matches the parka & boot color, drawing the whole thing together. I added the blue eyes because the words say, "Ice Blue Eyes & Snow White Skyes."
Altogether a pretty nice set!
Of course, I always wonder, if I ever won, what I'd do? Sorel generally majors in stylish foul-weather boots and I live in Florida. So, I did a quick check at their website. They actually have some really cute low shoes!

Introducing the 2015 Winter Collection from SOREL: Contest Entry

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