Wednesday, January 20

Garden Pic Wednesay: Vase of Winter Cheer!

It's getting to be that time of year to here in north Florida to start prepping the yard and garden for spring.  I shrub roses out front that need to be trimmed to the base yearly and I did that today. Also dug in some rose food for all my roses to dine on and get fluffy when it warms up.
I was worried my little Bottle Brush tree sucker might not have survived, but I checked it today and saw a fuzziness on the stem ends that means it's preparing to leaf, so that was good news!
In general, though, there's not that much going on outside.

So today's picture is a recent bouquet I made from flowers purchased at Walmart.
This photo was like 3 weeks ago and I only recently through the last of it away.
The large white, pink & green flowers are called "Cremones." They're a member of the Mum family, something like a Spider Mums, but have shorter, thicker petals. These are actually white Cremones that were sprayed with green & pink floral spray paint. (Floral spray paints are designed for use on flowers.)
The small clusters of pink, yellow & purple lily-like flowers are called, "Alstromeria."  Both are very long lasting flowers.

Cremones & Alstromeria

Next photo is our most recent addition to our Christmas ornament collection: Ninja Turtles.
These are the Nickelodeon cartoon characters. The ornaments are a American Greetings Co. product. We found 3 of them in the Christmas Walmart discount aisle for 60% off, but they didn't have a Leo, but I was able to locate a Leo from American Greetings and ordered him, so we could have a complete set.
It's actually a pretty neat set!

That's it for today! See you for Friday Finds!
(Some stuff came up so I couldn't get to doing a Mama Kat.)

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Susan Joy Clark said...

Pretty bouquet. I am curious about your bottle brush tree and had to Google images for this. I like its name. :)

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