Thursday, January 7

Mama Kat Thursday: My Best Posts of 2015!

Today's Mama Kat Thursday is a selection of my favorite posts from 2015; one from each day's category!
Now's your chance to go back and re-read any you missed!

Best of Good Eating Monday recipes:
By far, the best, easiest, most delicious cake for serving a crowd I've made this year!

Best of Polyvore Tuesday sets:
An artistic set themed on "blue eye-liner."

Best of Garden Pic Wednesday:
Also called the "Marvel of Peru," I was amazed to discover that, here in the Deep South, this heirloom flower that's normally an annual, is perennial and has been coming back every spring from thick, bulbous roots. 

Best of Mama Kat Thursday:
The various "dream" careers I considered as a kid.

Best of Friday Finds:
Several crafty ideas for putting them to use or an address to mail front covers to St. Jude's Children's Ranch for them to be re-purposed for you for charity!
(Be sure to note which card brands are exempt.) 

Thanks for Visiting!
See You Monday for Good Eating! 

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