Tuesday, January 12

Polyvore Tuesday: Winter White Flowers

Polyvore has not got into the swing much in the way of sponsored contests yet and two of the previous member groups I was in fizzled out. (Meaning they took a stab at one or two group contests, didn't get much response and gave up.)
So I joined a new member group called "Flowers In Art," that seemed very active with bi-weekly contests and lots of member participation.
So, that's how I came by today's Polyvore set, which is called, "Winter White Hi-Style," for a "Winter Whites" contest to consist of white flowers.
I found the vase in Polyvore's clipart. It reminded me of icicles and I created a vase arrangement in what is called in the floral business a "hi-style," which is about creating a contemporary, artistic-architectural design with very few flowers.
I also located the winter window in Polyvore's clipart as well and added that touch of shadow under the vase so it would appear to be sitting on something solid; not just floating.

Winter White Hi-Style

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Susan Joy Clark said...

Pretty. I like your artistic arrangement. The vase does make me think of icicles as well.

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