Tuesday, February 16

Polyvore Tuesday: Mad About Moto

Today's Polyvore set is for a their newestcontest being sponsored by fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff. 
The winner will be selected by Ms. Minkoff and will receive a designer purse of her choice.
So, it's a pretty competitive contest, as you can well imagine.
I had to use certain items, such as the jacket shown in the set, and had to include the Minkoff's name in the set to qualify.  I found the skirt, purse & shoe on her .com site.
I like the challenge doing contests offer. Unfortunately those have been far and few between. I used to have quite an extensive file at Polyvore.com of sets I've created over the years, but with this weekly post, I've actually run through all of them now and there's just not enough going on at Polyvore for me to keep up with having a set to post weekly.
So, today's set is my last Polyvore Tuesday set I'll be posting for the remainder of 2016.
My regular posts for Good Eating Monday, Garden Pic Wednesday, Mama Kat Thursday & Friday Finds will continue as normal.

Mad About the Girl in The Moto Jacket

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