Tuesday, February 2

Polyvore Tuesday: Valentines Lace & Flowers!

Today's Polyvore set is contest set for my "Flowers In Art" group.
The set required "lace & flowers" in a Valentine's Day theme.
I only did this one set, despite the fact the contest is still open thru Valentines. I'm just not that big into Valentines Day.
It was years of working in a floral shop that did that.

Hours and hours spent on my feet doing nothing but rose arrangements, mostly dozens in a vase. Plus the rabid desperation of customers to buy some kind of flower love token in order to avoid retribution at home for having "forgotten" seemed to bring the worst most.
Nope, I don't miss it at all.

In any case, here's my entry. It's composed of clip-art I found in Polyvore & layered together.

Pink Lace & Flowers Valentine

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