Friday, March 11

Friday Finds: Encouraging Words!

Nowadays, when getting a personal note or card in the mail is far and few between, sending someone a card can really make their day!
You might even know someone who really needs a word of encouragement, so with that in mind, I've picked out some of my Zazzle favorites I have pinned on my Words of Encouragement Pinterest board with links to take you to each card, just in case you love it so much it's just something you have to have!

For someone who might need a little inspiring, here's a beautiful sunflower card with a quote by Helen Keller:
Sunflower Field Encouragement Card 
I love sunflowers. They're so cheerful! 

For someone who needs a laugh, here's a fun card!
( I think I should start saying this!)

Just Yell Plot Twist & Move On

Perhaps you know someone going through a hard time?
Here's a gorgeous blue hydrangea "Praying for you," card!

Praying for You Always

As someone working in Christian ministry, I know a card like this would be wonderful to receive, especially if the card included a note about what was being prayed specifically!

Maybe you know someone who'd love a comforting scripture Postcard?
Peaceful Heron w/Zephaniah 3:17 Postcard

This verse from Zephaniah is one of my favorites and this design with the heron is just perfect!

And for someone going through a really difficult time:

Encouragement for Strength
I love the imagery on this card. It was the first one I pinned for this collection of Encouraging Words.

Of course, I'm always roaming Zazzle looking for beautiful and unique designs by other Zazzle artists to show off here on Fridays and these cards are just a few samples. If you like a card design here and want to see more by that artist, just click the card link and you'll find the artist store name link, which will take you to their full gallery. 
If you'd like to look at a larger selection of encouraging inspirational cards, you can go here!
That's it for now! Have a great weekend!


Fliss said...

Great finds, love the God Is Your Strength Card

Diane Lynn said...

I haven't sent a card to someone in a very long time. Thanks for reminding me how good that feels and that my friends are long over due!

Diane Lynn

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