Wednesday, June 29

Garden Pic Wednesday: Asparagus Fern In Bloom!

Yesterday I did some clean-up around the garden, such as tying the 4 Hardy Hibiscus in back to bamboo poles to keep them from toppling over and collecting old day lily stems.
I was also spray painting the old bowling ball I have in my garden that I want to serve as kind of a gazing ball. I've tried painting it with "mirror," paint, but it just looked silver-ish and not even that shiny. Certainly not reflective.
So I went with a coppery hammered-metal color then gave it a light  spatter with a some metallic gold spray paint I have around--and that came out more to my liking.
Today, it looked like rain, so I didn't work outside.

Today's Garden Pic is the snowy white blossoms of Asparagus Fern!
These branches are behind my blackberries, overhanging the block wall and were so thick with blossoms they looked almost snow-covered!  They're done now, but hopefully they'll put on an equally good show in red berries!

Stop back tomorrow to see what's up for Mama Kat!

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