Friday, July 29

Friday Finds: Wekiwa Springs State Park!

Today, another hidden Florida State Park gem!
Wekiwa Springs State Park!

Wekiwa State Park is located somewhat northwest of Orlando in Apopka, Fl.
(All photos shown here are from park website)

A Brief History:
The area was originally known as Clay Springs until 1906 when the name was changed to Wekiwa, which means "spring of water" & Wekiva, which means, "flowing water," in Creek Indian.
In 1941, the Apopka Sportsman Club purchased the land from the Wilson Cypress Company, who was lumbering the area for hardwood. The Club used the area for hunting & fishing until they sold it to the State of Florida for use as a State Park in 1969.
The Wekiva River along with several other Florida rivers are protected under the National Wild And Scenic Rivers System, which was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968 to preserve them for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

Wekiwa State Park Offers:
*Swimming & snorkeling in natural spring water
*Kayaking & Canoeing on the Wekiva River  (rentals available)
*13 miles of trails for hiking, biking or horseback riding, if you own a horse.
*Birding & Wildlife Viewing
*Visitors Center
Concession store for snacks, drinks & convenience items. Grilled dogs & burgers on weekends.
* Geo-cacheing
* Youth camp & Retreat Meeting Hall

Camping Options:
* Regular camp sites with electric & water hookups.
* Various primitive camping options: for individuals or groups or for camping with your horses.

Dog Rules:
Dogs are permitted in the park, on trails & in certain designated dog areas, but are required to be always on a leash and that you clean up after them. They are not allowed in the swimming area.
Sounds like a beautiful place to visit!
You'll want to be sure to check the main park page for admission fees, camping fees and so on before you go!
And in summers, be sure to get there early, because it's a popular place and the parking lot gets full quick!

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Diana Davis said...

I believe I've been here way back in the early 70's. We took a family road trip. If I'm right, this place had the most clear water I have ever seen in my life. It was amazing. Thanks for the memory.

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