Wednesday, September 21

Garden Pic Wednesday: The Tree Root Cover-up!

Since I'm going to talk about rocks today, it seems appropriate to mention this item that was in last weeks Police Blotter from our local paper:
"On August 22, Niceville Police received a report from a woman who said someone had stolen her painted pet rock."
I'm still laughing about that one.

For today's Garden Pics I have a "before" & "after" of a project to "hide" the big root that got tilted up out of the ground when a big windstorm blew over our Aspen tree.

That root is like a huge elbow sticking out of the ground with a big hole under it. It's in the front yard next to our large Gardenia. Very visible. No way to push the elbow back down and I didn't want to have it ground-out because of all the Shamrocks and bulbs and lilies in the vicinity. 

We purchased 10 flagstones. My plan was to layer the stones in around the root and blend it back into the landscape in such a way it would look "natural."
It took me 3 tries in placing the stones to get the look I had in my minds eye. Then I tucked Chinese Stonecrop and Hen & Chicks into the crevices and arranged by pots around it. The Wandering Jew covers the stump.
That area is full of Shamrocks. It should look spiffy by next spring. 
I'm quite happy with the result and it was an inexpensive fix: $18 for rocks & a couple bags of Top Soil.

That's it for today!
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