Wednesday, October 26

Garden Pic Wednesday: Cape Plumbago

Yesterday I brought my house plants. They hang in various sunny rooms: 2 in the kitchen, 1 in each bath and the Snake Plant sits on the floor near the sliding glass door. 
They spend all summer outdoors getting nice and big and fluffy, so they'll have the strength to survive my lack of watering them very well for 4 months of winter!
Still need to bring in the Aloe, which needs repotting first, and snip runners of the Wandering Jew to spend winter rooting in a vase of water. (I should photograph it while it's still full in pretty in it's pot in my front bed!)

Today's Garden Pic is Cape Plumbago!
It's can also be called, "Sky Flower."  Probably because of it's pretty clusters of true baby blue flowers! 
Cape Plumbago grows into a moderately large, draping shrub. 
It enjoys full sun to semi-shade and likes being well watered, but doesn't like it's roots in a place that stays wet or boggy all the time. I made that mistake with a couple before planting this one on higher, dryer ground.
It's been so dry this month, I've  been watering it a little once a day and that has promoted this sudden explosion of bloom!
In the Deep South, Plumbago will winter over. I like to mulch it really well before it gets cold, then later pile a few old Christmas tree branches over it after Christmas for added protection from any frosts. This is it's 3rd year I believe.

You'll want to come back for Mama Kat tomorrow!
One prompt option this week is to Spooky up a photo of ourselves and you'll want to come back and see that!
Plus one last day of easy Halloween Party treats for Friday Finds!

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