Wednesday, October 5

Garden Pic Wednesday: Spiders & Hosta

I have some interesting pictures today! I just photographed this beautiful Black and Yellow Garden Spider a few moments ago! Pretty in the end of day sun here against Boxwood in the background. Latin name: Argiope Aurantia. Argiope means, "Bright Faced," since the Spiders head is white.
Also called the Writing Spider or Zipper Spider, it's common all over North America. It weaves a large wheel-shaped web with a unique "zig-zag" of thick silk woven vertically through the center that looks very much like she found a string to weave into the web, which is it's unique signature. Thus the name "Writing Spider" or "Zipper Spider."
It's a completely harmless Spider that enjoys eating other insects that get caught in it's web and she is out of the way, here against the Boxwood, though I disturbed her a bit to get her to flip to top of the web, so I could get a shot of her coloring. The size and bright coloring suggest this is likely female.

Many of my Hosta, younger ones that grew up over summer, bloomed this fall, including the Hosta in my front container garden!
So, here's a nice shot of the pretty lavender blooms of this dwarf Hosta Lily next to my ceramic cat with Red Salvia in the background!

That's it for today! Stop back to see what's up for Mama Kat!

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