Friday, December 9

Friday Finds: More Easy Holiday Table Decor Ideas!

With the holidays and big family meals in mind, I'm another week on easy holiday table decorating! 
I've collected some photo ideas from Pinterest I think anyone could do!
Just remember the centerpiece height rule: 
no taller then 12 inches!

 Idea #1:
 Bowl of "Pomander Balls" Made from Oranges & Whole Cloves!
The oranges & cloves release a spicy scent as the orange dries. Tying them with a ribbon & hanging them in a closet was an old-fashioned method of "closet freshener." 
But they make a fancy looking holiday centerpiece!
You just need oranges, a bottle of Whole Cloves and something to poke through the orange skin just enough so you can insert your cloves,  such as the end of a wood skewer or a nail. Just make sure it's not wider then your clover stem. If the hole is too big, the cloves will fall out. 
You could use a pencil to lightly outline a general pattern, if you like. I've included a second photo example where ribbon was used along with the cloves. Really, you don't need a ton of cloves. A simple pattern will do the trick!
For your centerpiece arrange the desired number of decorated oranges in a pretty bowl. 

Accents like fresh greenery are optional. Also artificial options, inexpensive like pretty holiday picks could be used.

Idea #2: 
A bowl or candy dish filled with pretty ornaments of various sizes. This picture ideas uses a tiered candy dish with all red themed ornaments, but a pretty glass bowl filled with whatever pretty ornaments you have on hand would work beautifully!
If you wish to use a candle in a similar way, just be sure to center it in your dish before adding decorations and that it sits flat.

Idea #3:
Clear glass filled with colorful holiday candies with candy canes!
You could do several larger down middle of table or do small glasses for each place setting filled with holiday M&M's plus a small size candy cane or two!
Both pretty & edible!

Hope you found some decorating inspiration!
Next Friday will be easy holiday treats!

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