Wednesday, December 7

Garden Pic Wednesday: Christmas Table Arrangement & First Winter Broccoli!

I wrote a reminder on my computer "sticky note," to cover my containers for possible freezing temperatures Thursday & Friday night!
Even so, there's usually a variation of temps with such predictions in our area depending one's distance or nearness to the Gulf. Twenty miles north or more might experience a hard freeze that turns bird baths to ice, while where we live, which is moderated by the sea air a bit more, might stay slightly above freezing at 34 or 35. 
So it's hard to tell, but best to be prepared. If the jet stream swings low enough, it can push all the Gulf air out to sea and then Jack Frost will do more then nip our noses--he'll bite our faces off.
I'm going to cover my Bell Peppers with clear plastic yard bags today, which will serve as a greenhouse.
I just need to throw a towel over the potted flowers overnight. Everything else can handle it.

For today I have a nice picture of the table arrangement I made with fresh Christmas greenery & Dusty Miller!

Dusty Miller is a perennial here in the Deep South. Old growth needs to be trimmed off just about the ground to promote fresh growth! I usually wait until I see new growth buds around the stem-base, then cut off the old stems above it.
That's how I came to have a few Dusty Miller stems to insert in the vase with the Christmas fir, which enhances it's silvery blue-green color!
Later on, perhaps for my birthday next week, I'll add some seasonal Holiday colored flowers!

First Winter Broccoli!
We had this for dinner Monday night. Cut up & sauteed in olive oil with minced garlic and a touch of sea salt. Yum.
The stems on fresh grown broccoli are so tender!

Stop back to see what's up for Mama Kat tomorrow!

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