Wednesday, December 21

Garden Pic Wednesday: December Gerbers!

I saw my new young Bell Pepper plants both had an open blossom, so I did the job of bees with a paint-brush to cross-pollinate them today. It's cool-warm-sunny today, being about 58 F here in northwest Florida. It's expected to about 70 F on Christmas Day. 
There are honeybees around--if it's gets warm enough. There's a neighbor within 5 miles of us with bee boxes who sells honey.

Today's Garden Pic is one I just took today of these red-orange Gerber Daisies in my front bed! 
Great seasonal color for December! 
There's a 3rd head hidden under the leaves yet, plus a yellow and pink have heads up, preparing to open.
Oddly, they flourish here during the mild temperatures of Nov & Dec----and if the cold doesn't get too cruel for too long, sometimes all the way into spring!

Stop back to see what's up for Mama Kat tomorrow!

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Diana Davis said...

my temps and yours seem to be mirroring each other! Did you guys get that awful cold wave early this week? We're mid to upper 50's for remainder of the week with low 70's Christmas Day. Crazy---for us. Happy Christmas, my friend.

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