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Mama Kat Thursday: Miss Pushy

The Mama Kat blog writing prompt is to post something inspired by the word, "Pushy."

Miss Piggy Mouse Pad by Disney 
We used to know this Air Force girl who was a living version of Miss Piggy.  
It was back in the early 90's when this girl came to our base after a posting in Korea and she'd been stationed someplace else before that. She was in her late twenties and unmarried, so she  participated off and on in our singles ministry, whenever it suited her, which is how we knew her. She really did have all social exuberance and abrasive personality of Miss Piggy. She also was something of a fashionista, when she wasn't in uniform.
She definitely was a "my way or the highway," kind of person and, since I don't want to use real names, we'll just be calling her, "Miss Pushy." 
Because she was. 
There was an exceptionally colorful experience we had one time with Miss Pushy when we and a number of our singles ministry members decided to have a dinner out at a Chinese Restaurant. 
I remember it was summer time. There were only about 8 or 10 of us at the restaurant and we were seated at a long table together. Miss Pushy had brought along guy friend, someone she'd known in Korea, who was visiting her. 
She and he were sitting opposite myself and Hubby.
Conversation was going along smoothly with lots of laughing. Miss Pushy could be the life of the party when she wanted to.
Then the topic of movies came up and we started talking about different ones. Now I was going a little bit into the general story line of a recent one we'd seen, which Miss Pushy hadn't seen.She laughingly said, "I haven't seen that one yet!"
I just kept on talking about the movie points I enjoyed. I had the rapt attention of everyone else and they were enjoying what I was saying.
Miss Pushy still laughing and smiling, tried one or two other witty sarcasm's meant to discourage me from going on talking about this movie, but I just heard joking around.
 I think she even covered her ears with her hands once and said, "Na-na, I can't hear you," like a little kid.
This made everyone laugh.
So I didn't stop. What she wanted wasn't clear and I and everyone thought she was kidding around. 
Because I didn't get her hidden "message," to "shut up," Miss Pushy got really mad. She exploded. She stood up and starting yelling at us about "disrespecting her," then announced she was leaving and stomped out the door. In front of a restaurant full of customers.
Her guest, the guy she'd brought, looked stunned and said, "Since she was my ride, I guess I'll have to depend on one of you guye to get me back."
 We agreed we'd take care of him and went on enjoying our meal. 
Maybe 20 minutes later, Miss Pushy unexpectedly came back, stood by her guy-friend and told him, "You need to take me home."
He replied, "No, I'm having a good time."
At that point, she walked back out outside for awhile before finally sulkily returning to sit in her again. Meanwhile, the rest of us just went on enjoying the meal & conversation.

If you're wondering if she apologized, the answer is no.
Her headstrong and manipulative ways eventually brought her Air Force career to an abrupt end after 12 years, then she left the area to make her way in the civilian world.
But I'm always reminded of her whenever I see Miss Piggy in a Muppet movie.
What was your last experience like with a "pushy" person?

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(The Miss Piggy Mouse Pad is a product of Zazzle's Officially Licensed Disney store)


Morgan Cartwright said...

Why didn't she want you to talk about the movie? I get that she hadn't seen it, but you can still talk about it without revealing anything major.

Abby said...

Seems a "bit" dramatic!

May said...

I about cheered when her guest chose to stay with the group rather than follow after her which I am sure she expected him to do.

KatBouska said...

Wow, some humans I just have to wonder how they get along with ANYONE.

John Holton said...

Guess the Air Force is no place for a diva...

Brice Deon said...


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