Thursday, December 1

Mama Kat Thursday: The Unlucky Rider

The Mama Kat writing topic today is to write a post inspired by the word, "Puddle."

In Florida it rains. It rains a lot. Sometimes, that rain leaves broad puddles of standing water. Sometimes those puddles are on the road.
On this particular day where our story begins, Hubby and I were in our Kia SUV driving west through our small town toward the Air Force Base.
The road was mostly dry from an earlier downpour, but there were still some spots of standing water. 
We stopped at a red light at a busy intersection along with other cars and one motorcycle. We were in the right hand lane. There was a car ahead of us and one beside us. The car beside us had a guy on a motorcycle directly behind him and the motorcycle guy was boxed in by more cars beside and behind him. 
He was a young man on a medium street bike just wearing a shirt, jeans and a helmet. No rain gear.
 I suppose he expected to arrive where he was going before it rained again and not get wet.
This was not his lucky day.
The light turned green and our little pack of vehicles headed across the intersection.
Now laying on the other side of the intersection directly in our path was a huge puddle about 15 feet long, covering both lanes; a puddle well deep enough no car was going to pass without turning up a ton of spray.
You may have guessed where this is going for the bike guy.
He was stuck traveling along in the left lane through the deepest part of the puddle right along with us.
As our car started moving through the water, I glanced back at the bike guy just in time to observe a tidal wave of spray cast up by our tires go right over him!  
(And not just our car! Remember, he was surrounded!)
It was one of those moments when the unexpected abruptly tickles the funny bone.
I snickered. I couldn't help it. "Our car just baptized the bike guy," I wittily informed Hubby as I turned back around.
He caught the snickers, too.
Once through the puddle, all the vehicles quickly got up to normal speed and a few moments later we observed the motorcycle guy breeze by us merrily on his way, his t-shirt clinging wetly to his skin.
Couldn't help but snicker again.
(Note: there was a grassy median right next to the puddle the rider could've easily used to skirt out of the line of cars, but he chose to stay on the road among the cars. He seemed to take it in stride, though, and didn't act  upset; just intent on getting to where he was going.)

So, what was your last puddle encounter like?

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John Holton said...

Probably cussing you out under his breath.... XD

KatBouska said...

Oh man, motorcyclists scare me. I could never drive one...especially in unpredictable weather!

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