Friday, January 20

Friday Finds: My Favorite Polyvore Creations!

Today I've decided to share with you some of my favorite art/fantasy Polyvore sets I've created in recent months!
I belong to a variety of member groups that have contests for creating specific kinds of sets for a theme or requiring the use of one item.
How do I do it? Well, Polyvore has tons of clip-art to choose from that you layer together to create whatever you want! Fashion, interior design or art!
And there's lots of groups to join with specific interests, like cats, flowers, fashion, dogs, art, tea, coffee--all sorts of things!

Little Girl w/ Heart Balloons

Little Girl w/ Heart Balloons by madamdreamweaver
The red heart shape for was the item required for this set.

Sunflower Fantasy Postcard

Sunflower Fantasy Postcard by madamdreamweaver 
A sunflower was the required item for this set.

King Frog Invites Mr. Mouse To Tea

King Frog Invites Mr. Mouse To Tea by madamdreamweaver
Tea & flowers was the requirement for this one.

To Sea You With

To Sea You With by madamdreamweaver 
This one was an official Polyvore contest that was aimed more at eye-makeup, but I made mine a undersea themed fantasy art set.
It was much more fun. I called it, "To Sea You With."
See you for Good Eating Monday!

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