Wednesday, January 4

Garden Pic Wednesday: Touch of Luck

It's been warmish here in Florida most of December and I hadn't checked my Broccoli for a couple and days and when I went out to pick some I discovered...cabbage worms!
Quick treatment with Sevin dust.
I had to wash the assortment of broccoli side shoots carefully.
Here's a trick: add a tablespoon of salt to a bowl, fill it with water and drop your potentially pest-infested veggies in!
Salt water kills them. Many will fall off and sink.
Still--both Hubby and I inspected those little heads very thoroughly. before I cooked them. 
Some of the buggers didn't fall off into the water.
Really, the thing I like about winter gardening is it's usually too chilly for pests. Thank goodness a cold front is coming soon!

Today's Garden Pic is a really lovely late afternoon winter shot of a few"lucky" pink Shamrock blossoms peeking up around a blue-green Hen!

Stop back tomorrow to see what's up for Mama Kat!

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