Wednesday, January 18

Garden Pic Wednesday: White Pincushion Mums!

I was really nice today--about 70. We saw my friend Megan off to the airport this morning, then this afternoon, I trimmed down Pink Pampas out front. The electric hedge trimmer makes that job so much easier!  
Also pulled up frozen Vinca's and trimmed back several Mexican Heather shrubs out front, too.

Today's Garden Pic is Button Pincushion Mums.
This shot is from early December. There are in the border between sidewalk and kitchen window. The white thrive better then any color and actually need dividing.
Time, too, to trim off the winter growth to make room for new spring growth for spring blooms! I saw the Daisy Mums had all kinds of fresh growth popping up!

Stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow!

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