Thursday, January 12

Mama Kat Thursday: Icy

The Mama Kat blog writing prompt I chose today is to share a blog post inspired by the word, "Icy."

I grew up in Indiana where long, graceful icicles were a common sight along the edges of our roof during winter.
I saw a news story on TV recently about something that happened to a foolish group of people in Minnesota standing at the base of the frozen Minnehaha Waterfalls in Minneapolis, looking up and admiring the giant frozen waterfall "icicles" when a big chunk suddenly broke off and fell on right on them. A Park Ranger pointed out that these people ignored all the warning signs not to go down there. 
I said to Hubby, "You know, my Mom taught me to know better then stand under icicles."
She taught me that because, as a general rule,  hanging ice is heavy, sometimes sharp and can do you great harm if it falls on the uninformed.

However, here in Northwest Florida, ice is a much rarer sight. Except in January 2014, when temps  dropped to -17 F. and everything got a solid coating of ice!
So, in memory of the Deep Freeze of 2014, here's a photo of our thickly ice Cedar tree in the front yard!
It made everything pretty and wintry looking. 

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Jennifer Worrell said...

I can't imagine all that ice falling on your head! Ouch!

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