Thursday, January 19

Mama Kat Thursday: Playing Dress Up

The Mama Kat blog writing prompt I chose today is, "Tell us about the last time you dressed up? What was the occasion?

Ever been invited to a Murder Mystery Party?
It's a role playing game that comes in a box that lets a group of 8 people play Columbo or Jessica Fletcher in trying to figure out who killed a someone all the game characters knew and perhaps even had motive to kill.
 Like in Clue, someone has killed "Mr. Body," and you've got to figure out who.
The Murder Party box generally contains invitations, character descriptions and costume suggestions, booklets with dialogue and character information to be revealed or concealed, clues and even sometimes food suggestions.
This particular Murder Party was set in New York, in an Italian restaurant belonging to a Mr. Peppi Roni, who been murdered by gunshot right in the restaurant sometime during the night. Now all the family & friends have come together for his funeral and drama ensues as each of us had scripted "dirt" to share on why the other character-guests might've had a motive to kill Peppi.

In the story line, Peppi has an identical twin brother named, Rocco, (played by Hubby) who has come all the way from Italy with his fiancee (Me), who 'd previously been his maid for 2 years.

The rest of the cast included the Peppi's grieving "widow", her "son" and "daughter," a "gypsy-psychic," a "Priest" and Rocco's "French vineyard manager" played respectively by our various young active duty friends from our single's ministry. 

The game had 3 "Acts" and we took a break after the first for pizza and slow-cooker tortellini steeped in a garlic-butter sauce!

The fun of the game is no one knows who the murderer is!
 After Act 3 and all the accusations and family secrets and motives had been revealed, we were given paper to write down who we each thought the killer was!
After that, the real murderer was revealed!
Turns out it was the Rocco's own Vineyard manager (the guy in the beret in the photo) who was actually trying to kill Rocco, but accidentally killed his twin, Peppi, by mistake.

Hubby's beard and mustache is mostly gray now, but he had me use my Mascara brush to darken his mustache. Made him totally look like a bearded Groucho Marx. I donned satiny nylon pants and coordinated shirt over a glittery turtleneck with my long curly hair up on one side. 

There are many Murder Mystery Game makers out there if you want to buy one to try! Costuming is generally simple enough it may only take a trip to a thrift clothing store! Most people I've done Murder Parties with are pretty resourceful!

So what the your last occasion for dressing up?

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John Holton said...

We went to a similar party, but we didn't have to dress up. They are pretty fun...

Lady In Read said...

this is so cool and so much fun.. i havent actually participated in one of these games but guess i should try it out in the next party i host then..
or do a kiddie version for my kids' parties..

KatBouska said...

I've heard of these, but have never gone to one! They sound so fun!!

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