Friday, February 17

Friday Finds: Magic Magnifier Fun!

I've been a member at for many years now and it's a place for unadulterated creative fun. I belong to a few member-run groups that offer "contests," involving a topic suggestion for making sets around. 
A few weeks ago, I shared some favorite sets I've made for my Flowers In Art group.

So for my "Finds" this week, I'm sharing two sets I recently made for an extremely clever contest idea called, "Magic Magnifier" from my Curio Shop group.
The object of this is to use this "Magic" Magnifying Glass to reveal something hidden within the scene that you would otherwise not see.

Peek A Boo
This 1st set would be an ordinary picture of a beautiful woman, but the Magic Magnifier reveals hidden within the blurry yellow bokeh Steampunk clocks and a cute frog peeking out around one!

Peek A Boo

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?
This 2nd set is a fantasy underwater scene with a mermaid that looks pretty normal---until you look through the Magic Magnifier and see Spongebob!

Who Lives In A Pineapple Under the Sea?

Many of the other contestants came up with hidden fairies or butterflies, so it was actually hard thinking of something else whimsical. The idea came to me to use Spongebob while I was looking for yellow things to use in the first set, but it's my favorite set because it's so laughable!

If you'd like to see what other Magic Magnifier contestants have come up with, visit the contest entries, here.
It's free to join and most people use it for creative art, home interior or fashion art expression!

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These are brilliant.

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