Friday, February 3

Friday Finds: Shark Tank Jello

Today's fun "find" is an aquarium-themed kids treat called,
"Shark Tank Jello," for you to try out--especially if you have young kids. Or maybe just for fun for yourself!
The recipe comes from a foodie-blogger I follow on G+ called, "Lady Behind the Curtain," where you can see here progression of  how-to photos.

Shark Tank Jello
For the Jello:
1 (2 liter) bottle lemon limes soda, flat
4 (1/4 oz) packages unflavored gelatin
2 drops of blue food coloring

For the Tanks
26 half pink jars (with lids*) 13 for the shark tank and 13 for the jello to set up in.
Gummy sharks
Nerds (about 5 boxes)

Making the Jello:
1) Pour soda into a large bowl and let it sit on counter up to 4 hours to become flat.

2) Once soda is flat; pour 1 cup into a bowl then sprinkle the gelatin over the top and let it stand to soften. About 5 minutes.

3) Dip out 2 more cups of soda from bowl and pour in a small saucepan. Over medium heat and heat until just before a boil.

4) Add the cup of soda with the soften gelatin, stirring to dissolve completely. About 2 minutes.  Then pour this into the larger bowl of remaining soda along with 2 drops of blue food coloring.

5)  Fill each jar  2/3 full. Tip: mark a fill line on the outside jars with a permanent marker.

6) Store in refrigerator overnight to set.

Making the Tanks:
1)  First, fill each of the empty "tank" jars with a layer of Nerds candy to look like decorative aquarium rock, about 1 box per 3 jars.

2)  Run a knife around each of the jars with set gelatin, then turn each upside down over the top of a nerd-filled tank jar, giving it a jiggle until it starts to move. Then let it slide down into the "tank." This gives your tanks a watery look.

3)  Once it's in place, make a slice 3 slices in gelatin in different depths & spots to insert you gummy fish or candy shaped fish.
(Do NOT use crackers. They'll mush.)

*Note on lids for half-pint jars:
If you can't find half-pint jars that come with lids just buy canning lids & rings, enough for 13 jars. They'll work great and can be washed and reused for another round of Shark Tanks.

Now there's some fun food!
Have a great weekend and see you for Good Eating Monday!

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