Wednesday, February 22

Garden Pic Wednesday: Winter's Beauty

Did you see the recent Mr. Clean ad with a dancing Mr.Clean?  Well, Hubby has a quirky sense of humor. Last week at the Commissary as we strolled down the laundery/cleaning product aisle, he observed a woman studying the selection of Mr. Clean products and said to her,
 "I heard he'll dance for you if you buy that stuff."

Then he confessed another one of his "ad humor" hit & runs.
He told me one time at the commissary some years ago, he saw a lady studying the various brands of peanut butter and out-loud, randomly said, 
"You look like a choosy, Mom. Choosy Mom's choose Jif."

Then was another time, a number of years ago, we were sitting in the eye-glasses shop at the BX. The person who worked there was doing something with my glasses order, so she was away from the desk. Hubby was sitting beside me, idly looking at a turning display of glasses frames on the desk top, trying them on and so on.
Suddenly, he put on a pair of very modern silver-gray frames, with a very wide top decorated with yellow stars and bright purple zig-zag stripes and, to no one in particular, suddenly said out-loud, "Where we're going, we don't need roads."
I just about fell out of my chair laughing.
(He was quoting Doc Brown from the end of the first Back to the Future movie, who was wearing futuristic gray glasses.)

Today's Garden Pic is a my neighbors red Camellia, which I see whenever I go in or out of my front door!
Camellias come in a range of different blossom types. This particular one looks like a carnation. 
It started blooming in December. 


Susan Joy Clark said...

Your husband sounds like a funny guy. Nice collection of funny moments. I love your flower too. :)

Mary Norton said...

You must be always laughing.

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