Thursday, February 2

Mama Kat Thursday: Family Meal Memories

The Mama Kat blog writing prompt I've selected today is to, "Share my favorite home-cooked meals growing up."

My growing up era was the 1960's and early 70's. We lived way out in the country in Indiana. We had a TV antenna, a septic system, a well for water, one rotary-dial phone and one television set.
I say that to create the right setting before I explain that my favorite meals were, "oven meals."
Mother prepared these "oven meals," because she had a propane gas stove fueled by 2 tall (50-inch) propane tanks sitting outside and if she was going to bake, she was going to make good economical use of that propane doing it!
So, for example, if she was going to bake chicken in the oven, she'd also bake potatoes and a dessert, too. 

So, my two favorite "oven meals" were her baked chicken & meatloaf meals and the menu's looked something like this:

In the oven:
Baked chicken (legs, thighs, wings & breasts from a fryer she cut herself, so the parts would be nice.)
Baked Russet Potatoes
Chocolate Pudding Cake (or Hot Fudge Cake some call it.)
On the stove top:
 Home-canned green beans heated with a touch of milk & butter.


In the oven:
Meatloaf (ground beef)
Sometimes baked Russet potatoes
Sometimes Bran Muffins
Bread Pudding
On the stove top:
Sometimes steamed rice instead of potatoes
Home canned Green Beans heated with a touch of milk & butter.

My parents were both originally from Minnesota, so our meals had definitely had a "northern" flare to them, like the green beans in a milk-butter sauce.
We  always ate the steamed rice with sugar and Milnot, which is a little like Evaporated Milk, but soy-based instead of dairy.
Baked potatoes were served with butter, salt & pepper. 
If I have any Evaporated milk on hand and open, I do still like a nice serving of steamed rice with it & a little sugar! 

So, what was your favorite meal growing up?

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A commentor asked if I make oven meals like that. That was quantity cooking back then to feed a family, so no, because I just cook for myself & Hubby. Plus cooking technology has changed so radically. Stoves are far more energy efficient. There's microwaves & slow cookers now. And we have natural gas.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy . I had forgotten all about hot fudge cake! Thank you for the reminder . Your mother was a smart lady. Do you do oven meals as she did?

Laura said...

Yum! Those meals sound amazing. One of my favorite meals was my mom's chicken and dumpling soup, or goulash! Does anyone make goulash any more? :)

John Holton said...

That's good eatin'!

KatBouska said...

I love that you call them "oven meals"...speaks volumes for how much things have changed!

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