Wednesday, March 22

Garden Pic Wednesday: First Dutch Iris!

I can smell the scent of fresh made bread-maker bread wafting through the house!
I was working on mowing & raking yesterday and cleaning up the back corner bed. I needed to dig up all the Cannas back there or least most, because I have a set of new bulbs coming with leaves that are variegated  with color in them. Everything in Florida is so green. It's nice plant other sorts of green or contrasting color in the garden!
I did save a several of the healthiest looking old Canna's to plant elsewhere, but I have to admit the majority weren't looking that good, but they're quite old.

Todays Garden Pic is the First Dutch Iris bloom for spring 2017!
Known for their purple-nearly blue color, Dutch Iris are bulb based, easy to grow and multiply readily.  They also perform okay in a vase, but actually the bloom lasts longer outside. I like the this color, but they come in a wide range of colors!

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