Thursday, April 27

Mama Kat Thursday: A Waste of Money

Today's Mama Kat prompt option I'm doing is to share a time I wasted money.

This was back in the day before Internet, when ordinary newspapers were more prevalent that I read an ad for "make money at home stuffing envelopes."
I was a young, freshly married housewife attracted to the promise of being able to work at home. I imagined this job was like  stuffing envelopes with actual advertising for a legitimate company to bulk mail.
That's what it sounds like, right? 
To find out more about this "job," I had to mail $20 to a specified address.
 I did that. 
A few days letter I got a type-written letter explaining this so called "job for stuffing envelopes" was nothing, but tricking people into sending tons of $20 dollar bills to whoever ran the same ad. I was to "make money" by running the same ad with my address, then send each "applicant" the same type-written letter telling them how to perpetuate this bit of fraud on others.
It was a scam.
I was horrified, then mad that I'd just been bilked $20 for nothing!
I totally wasted my money, but I learned a good lesson.

When was the last time you were tricked into spending money?


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Oh my gosh, that's crazy!

Lori said...

That's terrible. It's amazing all the scams that are out there. At least now, (unlike years ago) we can research stuff with the Internet and be a little more informed and less gullible.

Jen Thompson said...

Oh man, I have been tempted to try these scams before just to see what happens but it sounds like nothing does happen!

Kim said...

Yikes, good that you didn't perpetuate the scam.

John Holton said...

It's like a chain letter. In fact, I had a friend that got sucked into a similar scheme.

Jennifer said...

Yikes, that wasn't so great! I remember getting those sort of letters back in the day.

KatBouska said...

What!?! That is insane! They fully owned that they were duping you and then encouraged you to continue the duping. So messed up!

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