Wednesday, June 14

Garden Pic Wednesday: Around the Garden

Today's Garden Pics are shots from around my Garden:

From the Front Yard:
This corner garden in front is looking just about perfect this year! 
My plan when I planted it was for it to form natural screenbetween us and the neighbor's house, so it's a collection of tall and short plantings:
Pampas grass, a skypencil shrub and an 8 foot Hardy Hibiscus form the back row and, in front, a bunch of 4 O'Clocks, a pot with Red Saliva and a dwarf Nadine shrub.
This shot was about 6 p.m. on a cloudy day, so all the 4 O'clocks are open!  That one light pink one is about 40 inches tall! Unusual.

The Back Yard Veggie Garden:
You can see a summer bush squash, Bell Peppers and one of the tomatoes. That front squash is called  a bush squash"Enterprise," and makes a straight-neck yellow squash. Directly behind it is a bush Zucchini called "Spineless Beauty."  
Not in view is a second tomato and Amy Melon vines in the corner beyond the bush squash.
(It was raining today when I took this photo.)

I don't find growing veggies in Florida as easy as in the mid-west and the things I do grow are things I've found perform reasonably well here during summer in my small space.

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