Wednesday, June 28

Garden Pic Wednesday: Red Hardy Hibiscus!

The 3 days of steady, light rain we had from Tropical Storm Cindy polished off my tomatoes & decimated the Bell Peppers.
 The only things that really appreciated all that wet was the grass and the Bush Squash!
I picked up some new Bell Peppers and a new Tomato this morning. I'll be putting them in the bed that runs along the South side of our house where I have blackberries & hybrid day lilies.
There's plenty of room and it's a bit higher ground.
I often use the area as my "back up" garden plot!

Today's Garden Pic's: Hardy Hibiscus & Chinese Stonecrop Sedum!

Hardy Red Hibiscus:
This beauty is 7 feet tall! It is unique, though. Usually they limit themselves to 4 or 5 feet. So it puts on a grand show every summer!

Chinese Stonecrop
This is a kind of Sedum (sedum tetractinum). It is the most fantastic stuff! Resilient, easy to transplant, grows anywhere and in anything! It blooms pretty yellow flowers in spring, so it looks like golden carpet!
This particular bunch is tucked around the flag stones I used to edge the hole I filled in where a tree uprooted last June.
Kind of my version of a rock garden.
I recently moved pieces of it to a 4 x 10 inch spot of bare dirt outside my front door, between the sidewalk and the foundation. It's deep shade. It loves it!

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