Thursday, June 29

Mama Kat Thursday: The Failed Egg Roll

The Mama Kat blog writing prompt today is the word, "Fried."

When I think of frying, I recall our first effort at making egg rolls back when I was a kid, around 1973.
We did experimental cooking sometimes, trying out new things.
We'd never made egg rolls before.
I don't even know who's idea it was.
But we got the stuff, made the filling and diligently rolled it up in egg-roll wrappers.
Mother used her pasta-pot for the oil. It was a twin pan set with an inner-pan that was a colander, that could be lifted out easily for draining pasta.
 Perfect for lowering an egg-roll in and out of hot oil!
Actually, deep frying anything was practically unheard of in my family.
It was considered too dangerous. 
So several inches of hot cooking oil in a pasta pot was a rare adventure, but we were all old enough to be around it safely.
We lowered our first egg-roll into the hot oil and it started frying, then---abruptly, it burst open in the middle, spilling filling out into the oil.
 We stared down at the sizzling guts helplessly.
I think we laughed.
Our egg-roll filling was too wet!
 (Clearly there was a technique to making egg-rolls we didn't have down.)
I can still picture it in my mind's eye, that sad fried egg-roll floating there, it's middle split open like a bomb had gone off.

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(There weren't any digital cameras in the 70's, so the photo from Pinterest was the best I could find.)

Because of Mon & Tues beinge a holiday for 4th of July, next post will be Wednesday!


Angie Ballard said...

Sounds like the wraps and burritos I make NOW! I'm thinking "a bit more protein, a bit more vegetables" and the next thing you know I have this monster thing nobody can finish! I've resigned myself to cutting everything in half. And I'm scared of the deep-fryer, too. Even the fancy one my husband bought for doing turkeys at Thanksgiving. I'm all for just baking it, and pan-frying in cast iron with a cover if we REALLY must!

KatBouska said...

Deep frying is definitely too dangerous in my house. I've never done it! Hot oil scares me!

John Holton said...

I'll give you points for trying to make them yourself. Personally, I order mine from the Chinese restaurant.

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