Thursday, June 22

Mama Kat Thursday: Throwback Thursday:

The Mama Kat blog prompt this week was to revisit something I was writing about in June last year:
I was participating as a guest blogger for a series called, "Between the Lines: Women Bloggers Over the Age of 50."
An blogger acquaintance on Google+ invited me and many other women to be guest bloggers the series.
I was initially told it would just be about how I got into blogging and would involve answering a few questions. I imagined I'd just be answering a survey, then she's put my answers together and post it on her blog with a back-link to mine.
It wasn't like that at all.
It involved me posting on my blog all her weekly lists of hyper-links of everyone else's guest posts she was hosting on her blog.

 It felt it incredibly complicated to manage every week, though I stuck it out most of the way through.

I did enjoy writing my guest post about how I got into blogging, which you can visit here, if you missed it the first time:
Between the Lines Choice Morsels: Blogging After 50

Good news since then: I was promoted to Pro Bronze Designer level in my Zazzle store just last week! It's just a label on my storefront, but it means things are going well.
What was going on for you last June?

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