Thursday, July 6

Mama Kat Thursday: All Wet

For Mama Kat today I'm presenting a series of photos that best represent June:

My view out the back door after 3 days of steady rain from tropical storm Cindy:


The mess all that excess rain made of my garden:

The southwest corner of my yard is the gathering spot for rain water on the west side of my house. It's the back end of the rain garden.


This is the front end of the rain garden:

A little wet. Kinda of a mess. Hard on the veggies. But a couple days of sun and it all went away!
(Yesterday's post has a photo of the new tomato & bell peppers!)

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Angie Ballard said...

SO glad you didn't have more damage than this! We got the tail end of some hurricane about this time of year several years ago. Mostly wind, some flooding, but our power was out for eight days. That meant cold showers before work at the hospital, bored teens, annoyed dogs, and sandwiches for supper when we could get that (nearest grocery and gas station didn't have power, either.)

Traci Gasho said...

Yuck! We got rain from tropical storm Cindy. Fortunately for me, I missed it because we were on vacation when it blew through our area.

It was so bad here that I got an email from work saying "Don't drive through flooded areas." The town I work in had a lot of flash floods.

Have a great week!

John Holton said...

We got some of the backlash from Cindy, including a couple of pretty strong storms, but nothing like three days of rain. We're now following a summer pattern where it'll be hot and humid most of the day, then we'll have a thunderstorm in late afternoon. Glad your garden has come back after all your rain.

May said...

I can't believe the plants bounced back so quickly. From the looks of the photos, I really thought the garden was done for the year. Here's to resilience!

KatBouska said...

Darn it Cindy! She really did make a mess of things. Your garden was looking awfully swampy! Glad things are perking up again with some sunshine. :)

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