Tuesday, August 15

Garden Pic Wednesday: Glories of Late Summer!

Each season brings it's own interesting sights to the garden!
Highlights of my late summer garden include:

A flock of brand new Silver Pampas Grass plumes!
This beauty is in a border bed in the front yard and those tallest spires are at least 12 feet tall!

Huge Shamrock leaves poking up between hen and chicks!
Shamrocks (Oxalis) puts up fresh growth around now, then stays green all winter. 

I got these planted late, so they're just now really getting going. I can see this particular bunch from my back door. I love the fullness of the yellow & pink heads! Hummingbirds, butterflies and bees love them!

Leaving you with pretty garden pictures while I'm on blogging-break for a couple weeks!
My n
ext post will be around 1 September!

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Nikki G said...

I love garden pictures. That clover is so cute!
:) gwingal

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