Thursday, August 10

Mama Kat Thursday: A New Skill

The prompt I chose today is to share, "something new I learned in July."
Well, I taught myself how to make a gaming music tribute video for You Tube!

Hubby and I play the online game: Star Wars: The Old Republic  together and on You Tube I've admired several well-done game music tribute videos. I decided I wanted to try my hand at making my own.
I thought it would be hard. Turns out it's fairly easy, though there is a bit of a learning curve involved in learning to use a video gaming recorder and the in's and out's of using Windows Live Movie Maker.
Since I only wanted to do it for fun, I set a particular goal:
I could only use absolutely free resources for my video-making!

Turns out there's plenty of free resources out there!
*  Numerous video game recording software options are available for free down-load. 
* To crop and edit my film sequences, I found a free browser-based editor called Super easy to use and, best of all, nothing to down-load. 
*  For music, I was pleased to discover You Tube provides a whole library of excellent copy-right free music specifically for use in video making! 
* And I had Windows Live Movie Maker already available  on my computer. 

Believe it or not, the hard part isn't the mechanics; the hardest part is envisioning what sort of story to tell. 
I decided I wanted my videos to be fun, action-filled and have a sense of adventure. I like a smooth movie, so I edit out all the extraneous game screen widgets, dialogue boxes and so on.

So far, I've made two videos.
Here's my most recent one:
It features a non-player character, named Thana Vesh, who's just part of one planet's mission story-line for Empire aligned players. She's a mean Sith apprentice who's particularly interesting and luckily has such a large part in the  mission story, I got enough clips to make her a brief tribute.
(You'd be surprised how many clips it takes to fill a couple minutes of music!)
The video includes shots of Hubby and my characters interacting with Thana as well. He's a green Sith and I'm a blue Bounty Hunter.

While I could only post one of the videos here, you can see the other on  my Pinterest "Fav You Tube Videos" board!
The other video features my Jedi Knight character. Currently, I'm filming the adventures of my Bounty Hunter for the next!

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Christy said...

WOWZERS! I would have absolutely NO idea where to start with something like that! Very cool!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had fun making videos, and I thought it was great you were able to reach your goal.

KatBouska said...

Look at that! Isn't it fun (and time consuming) learning to new things like that?

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