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Good Eating Monday: Herbed Noodles

  So, since it's Good Eating Monday the topic is "What's a good side dish to serve with fish?"   I get tired of just rice or potatoes and fish are so---you know, bland---except salmon, which has it's own unique flavor. I love salmon, but it's not the fish of the day, every day. My next favorite fish is frozen Parmesan-herbed crusted tilapia. For myself, for lunch, I love heating it up, putting it on a whole grain wrap with some Swiss, lettuce and salsa. But to serve my husband for dinner, that tilapia needs something a little more substantial to go with it. So, I looked up on the web "side dish recipes for fish" and hit upon "herbed noodles." That sounded perfect. I had a half-used box of wheat macaroni that needed using plus I'm always looking for ways to use the herbs I grow. Increasing the herbs in your food not only increases flavor, herbs & spices have numerous health benefits. Anyway, here's the basic recipe

Mama Kat Prompt Day: If I Eat Anything....

Today's prompt of choice is:  "If you had one day to eat anything you want and not gain a single ounce what would it be?" For me, that would mean NOT having to count calories or even worry about whether it was healthy or not! It would frivolous, just-for-the-joy-of-it eating! Hoo-ra! So, what would I eat? For breakfast I'd run right over to McDonalds and have a juicy sausage & egg McMuffin rather then the lower calorie Egg McMuffin I normally choose when there for breakfast. And coffee, of course. Then for lunch I'd go to Arby's and probably still have the my favorite  French Swiss & Dip sandwich, but instead of splitting a medium curly fry with my husband, I'd order a large curly fry all for myself . Then I'd indulge in one of their fabulous chocolate turnovers and buy an extra to take home! Then for dinner I'd go to Ruby Tuesdays and order the shrimp pasta rather then one of their FiT calorie-counted meals

Wednesday Garden Pics: Iris & Century Plant

  The Fabulous Garden Pics of the Day The first Garden Pic of the Day below, is my beautiful Siberian Iris.These are in my front bed. I've had them for quite a few years beginning with just one clump that I've split and split and split again. This is the first year they've really been a spectacle, blooming profusely, though. They are really a darker midnight blue then they appear in this photo. They don't like a vase. Outdoor display only, but I like them because they're hardy in my climate and soil. Unlike other Iris that either have a bulb or rhyizone, these have a stringy, tuberous root system like daylillies. Unfortunately, they have no scent. They're a good investment for a perennial bed. Next photo of the Day is a Giant Agave How would you like one of these monsters in your yard? Luckily, they're not in mine. Not only are these things big as truck, but I consider them ugly. This is actually a neighbors back yard down the road and around th

Origin of the Vulcan Greeting

I never did have any takers on the challenge of the origin of Leonard Nimoy's classic Vulcan salute. Well, here's the story. Leonard Nimoy thought of it and he drew upon his Jewish heritage for the idea. They were filming the episode "Amok Time," which involved Spock returning to Vulcan and he wanted a unique greeting that wouldn't involve touching, such as handshake. As a boy, Mr. Nimoy, said he remembered attending an orthodox Jewish synagogue service, where at the end, a prayer of blessing was offered by the Kohanim up front. Worshippers are not supposed to look, but " like most Jewish children, young Leonard Nimoy could not contain his curiosity about what the Kohanim were really doing up there in front of the congregation. He (Nimoy) writes : "The special moment when the Kohanim blessed the assembly moved me deeply, for it possessed a great sense of magic and theatricality... I had heard that this indwelling Spirit of God was too powerful

Mama Kat Prompt: My Favorite Thing

Greetings!  Today is Mama Kat Writing Prompt Day and the subject is sharing a favorite thing. My newest, most favorite thing in the world is re-purposing things into garden decorations in my garden. This is called "Garden Art."Sometimes it's also referred to affectionately as "Garden Junque or Garden Junk," but it is  art nonetheless. It's all about turning interesting things you find at yard sales or second hand stores or even in your own garage or closet into garden accents. My own garage had quite a few things just sitting around in it that garage that found a new life outside. For example, I turned an old picnic basket that had been residing unused there for year that I turned into a Hosta Lilly planter this spring. Some of you may of even seen the scrolling photo set I posted for a previous Mama Kat prompt that included a pic of coffee cup and saucer set that is now home to hen-and-chick succulents. Well, today's latest addition to my ga

Funny Story: Live Long and Prosper

     Here's a funny story. First let me set the stage: back when the most recent Star Trek film came out, Cheerios promoted it by offering an old TV series uniform style s-shirt for a box top and a few $. Dave chose the gold "Captain Kirk" style. And it's not just a Hanes shirt. It's actually a fine quality knit in the command gold color with a black collar and triangular Star Fleet emblem on the front.     So yesterday, he decided to wear it. He completely forgot that it was Wednesday and every Wednesday afternoon there's a Chapel Staff meeting he attends. Just so you get the picture: the Chapel staff here is made up of about 5 Chaplains (officers) and about a half dozen Chaplain Assistants (enlisted airmen, sergeants, etc.), the civilian admin staff (mostly ladies) and a few other people, including my husband, who is the Singles Coordinator. They meet in a large multi-purpose room at the Chapel which has U-shape arrangement of rectangular folding tabl